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About Altbet is a revolutionary online mutual betting platform based on our original cryptocurrency that allows you to place bets on your favorite betting sectors with the altbet coin (ABET) and in consequence, to rapidly multiply your crypto-wealth.

Platform philosophy

Our platform is a perfect reflection of our philosophy stating that less is more - we would like to assure you with the simplicity and transparency of the whole project and provide you the complete understanding of the Altbet road map.Therefore, please let us introduce you to the mechanism of the platform’s operating principles.


Bets are placed against other users in a pot, and wins are distributed between winning players. Since players bet against each other, not against the altbet platform, the betting multiplier changes dynamically depending on amount of altbet coins in the bank and bets made by other users.

We created Altbet platform to bring you as much pleasure as possible, therefore please be ensured that you will be irritated neither by any ads, images, pop-ups nor by other annoyances commonly occuring on similar services.

In addition to the mutual betting, the platform will please you with diversified live games such as: roulette, masternode lottery, penalty kicks, dice and coin flip. The list will be regularly enlarged, as we would like to make a constant progress and extend the offer of provided entertainment opportunities.

Our aim was, and always will be, to make the highest quality of the performance.
We are absolutely thrilled to present you the effect of our long, but passionate work, which enables you to smartly and enjoyably boost your already smart capital.

Have a blast!


May 2018

Research (idea, marketing & development)

June 2018

Project start
Platform development

July 2018

Work on whitepaper & detailed roadmap
Preparing social media accounts & content
Team creation

September 2018

Closed Alpha platform launch
Testing and working on the proper operation of the platform
Initial mobile version functionality
Blockchain development
Wallet development
Website content
Pre Bitcointalk Announcement
Whitepaper release
Initial marketing campaign

October 2018

Genesis block and initial launch
Fair block reward structure at launch
Windows, MacOS & Linux wallets release
Public Beta Platform launch
Social media campaign
Bounty campaigns part 1
Listing on first exchange (Crypto Bridge)
Listing on useful Crypto websites
Platform improvements & updates
Mobile version optimization

November 2018

Bounty campaigns part 2
New live game release
Price pegged system
E-sport mutual betting category launch
Constant monitoring & improvements on e-sport category
E-sport mutual betting launch promotion

December 2018

Contest campaign
New live game release
CMC listing
Final e-sport updates & optimizations
Listing on second exchange (CoinExchange)

January 2019

Sport mutual betting category launch
Constant monitoring & improvements on sport category
Sport mutual betting launch promotion
Android & iOS wallet research

February 2019

Final sport updates & optimizations
Android & iOS wallet development
Governance platform development

March 2019

Market mutual betting category launch
Constant monitoring & improvements on market category
Market mutual betting launch promotion
Governance platform launch

Q2+ 2019

Roadmap update for rest of 2019
Whitepaper update
Big exchange listing
Android & iOS wallet release
Special events category research & development
Web wallet development research & development
Worldwide marketing campaign