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Altbet live games


Dice is one of the most popular random games available online. The game originated from the small throwable objects with multiple resting positions, used for generating random numbers. You need to challenge yourself, assess the risk, adjust the stakes and chances proportion.

The numbers used for roll outcomes are generated randomly. For your convenience, you may start playing without taking any risk - in order to do it, just set your bet amount at 0 and roll the Dice to see how it works.

Once you feel comfortable, you can always use your ABET coins to entertain and enrich in the same time.


In this game, you may bet on either red, black or gold pocket placed on the classically and beautifully designed roulette spinner animation. There are 30 pockets on the wheel colored as follows; 14 red, 14 black and 2 gold. You may either double your capital, if you land on red pocket or black pocket, or you may multiply your crypto-wealth even fourteen times if you luckily hit the gold pocket. Moreover, if you would like to have one hundred percent of certainty that your hit will succeed, you are freely allowed to bet on all of three colors in the same spin.

Penalty kick

This highly interactive and emotional game will allow you to feel like one of the leading world’s football strikers and to shoot the penalty towards goal, in one of three possible directions. The multiplier of the win is x 2.5 and the chance of winning is always 40%, regardless of which direction the ball will be shot.

In the near future we sincerely plan to implement 2 additional levels of the penalty kick game – advanced level and expert level. On the one hand, each of these levels will intensify the risk and expect from the player to represent more superior skills, but on the other hand, the reward gained for each win will be significantly multiplied.

Coin Flip

Coin Flip is a game of heads and tails, commonly and traditionally used in order to choose between two alternatives or to resolve a dispute between two parties. It is also widely (worldwide) recognized as fast and simple game presented in online casinos. The rules are simple as follows - the coin is thrown into the air in such a way that it rotates edge-over-edge several times, meanwhile the player or the players bet on which side the dropped coin will fall. When the coin comes to rest, the player who called correctly is declared the winner.

The advantage of the coin flipping is that it is a quick and easy way to achieve a reasonable profit, as the advantage is that the chances are always 50/50.

Masternode lottery

This game is not commonly perceived as a live game, but we would like to include it in the entertainment offer in order to share a tool which increases the benefits of being a masternode holder. At launch, the masternode lottery is predicted to occur only in the form of the lottery on the Altbet platform.

The masternode lottery will constitute a simple script which, every 24 hours, will pick one winner from all the masternodes online within the altbet network. Winning prize is 30 ABET (altbet cryptocurrency).

We strongly consider to improve this script in future in order to to make it more advanced, but we believe simplicity is the right way at the beginning of the project.

More live games

The following games are already in development and are planned to be released by the end of the year - slot machine, rock-paper-scissors, jackpot, blackjack, crash and much more.

Our roadmap and white paper will continuously be updated with progress of our new games once they will proceed.

Having an active and engaged community is important to us at With this in mind we are keen for the community to propose new games and ideas they wish to see incorporated into the platform. Should any of these ideas be realised, the proposing party will be generously compensated.

Provably fair

To prove that all results on are truly random, we use a provably fair system. This means that the operators of the site cannot manipulate the outcome of any round and the result may be always verified by its reproduction by anyone.

Our system generates the result for each round by using the SHA-256 hash of 3 separate inputs:

  1. The "last seed" is a SHA256 hash of last generated roll.
  2. The "server seed" is a SHA256 hash of 16 cryptographically secure random bytes, generated once on every hour.
  3. The "salt seed" is a random number, generated for this roll.

Using this seed inputs, anyone can reproduce each past roll by using the code which is available on our website, or simply use our tool ( to execute the script.

Improving the platform, we intended to faithfully represent the reality of the games and rolls as precisely as possible. For example, each result of the dice roll is based on the previous one and has an influence on the next roll.

For your convenience, if you would like to verify any and all past rolls that were performed on the platform, you may always check the database of the rolls which are based on the blockchain principle. It will allow you to have the transparent view of our platform’s assumptions.