Announcement 2019-01-07

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Finally we found some time to put this announcement together after christmass, new year and short holidays in meantime. A lot of things is moving forward in the background which wasn't mentioned or announced yet.

🕛 2018 quick recap 🕛
We started this project around mid 2018, official launch had place in Q42018 and since then till today we are killing it!

Every day since release we are working hard to make Altbet the most successful project in current market. And thanks to all of you everything is possible. We are grateful to have such amazing community, all support and faith which is given to us.

Long-story short about things which have been done in background in past few days and wasn't announced
// removed //. Mostly for Anti-Spam/Anti-Advertisement feature,
➡ Altbet Platform improvements and optimizations,
➡ Altbet Wallet improvements which will be released in next update,
➡ Masternode script improvements,
➡ Custom script for auto-bootstrap with auto github uploader,
➡ New mini game preparation for release,
➡ Preparation to release more games in esport category,
➡ Constant work on getting new and valuable partnerships and listings.

🚀 Summary 🚀
The amazing end of the year is behind us, as well as a new chapter for our project is in front of us. We are confident that 2019 will be full of surprises and new goals.

Currently we are close to finish game plan for this year or atleast for most of it. There will be a lot of updates in upcoming days as same as a lot of improvements and releases in upcoming weeks and even more in upcoming months.

Stay tuned and get ready for a cool ride this year.

- Altbet Team