Announcement 2019-01-22

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👋 Introduction 👋

We are watching and researching crypto market every day and we came into conclusion that now days things has changed a lot especially in low marketcap masternode projects. We realized that currently one utility for a cryptocurrency is not enough.

Thats why we decided to include in our roadmap to build whole ecosystem of multiple utilities around our project & cryptocurrency. No worries, Altbet is and will be still our main priority.

Altbet itself has huge potential as a mutal betting / gambling platform but it needs exposure. Numbers are growing each day, week and month but we are still far away from global adoption.

What benefits will we get from more utilities?

➡ More exposure now and in near future
➡ Multiple ways to spend ABET holdings
➡ New marketing possibilities
➡ New audience

We think we have listed the most important benefits but there can be many more. Time will show and verify how much and what of these things will be beneficial for our project.

Altbet goals for Q12019

➡ Release at least 2 new mini-game from this pool (crash, blackjack, lotto, poker)
➡ Unlock more games into E-sports category
➡ Research & Add Special Events category
➡ Referral program implementation into the platform
➡ Improve and optimize our platform especially for mobile devices
➡ Wallet update (UI + improvements)
➡ Release & Launch our second platform for our second utility
➡ Roadmap & Whitepaper update