Announcement 2019-01-22

We tried to be as much detailed as possible without going deep into descriptions. Once we get into each of goals there will be as usual official announcements with more specific informations. Also keep in mind that this is just outline of the work, something extra may take place between them or something may be delayed. We can't predict every day of our work but we will for sure try to stick to it.

📈 Marketing plans for Q12019 📈

➡ New marketing campaign including cross-promotion with our upcoming 2nd utility/platform
➡ Signature campaign on Bitcointalk
➡ MNO Banner campaign
➡ Referral program implementation into the marketing plan
➡ New exchange listing
➡ CMC listing

Listed plans & tasks are our main target for Q12019 but same as mentioned before, might be more or less (probably more as usual).

Hope // removed // liked first part of Altbet Major Announcement - told you it will be a lot of informations 🚀

Stay tuned, tomorrow Part 2 ✌

- Altbet Team