Announcement 2019-01-23

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According to our scheduled major announcement part 2 it's time for next dose of informations. Without further ado, lets move into details:

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From time to time I can see some ideas and suggestions from you guys about events or tournaments which we could organize. Actually we had and still have this in our minds but before we prepare something, we need to take care of basic functionality on our Altbet platform. There are few drafts which were discussed weeks ago but nothing specific yet. Below are some of our ideas which we had chance to talked about but don't hesitate to leave us // removed //. None of them have yet been officially approved.

Our drafts & ideas:

➡ Sponsorships for streamers & gamers which could be promoting our Altbet brand
➡ Tournaments for our community with prizes
➡ Platform competitions based on some leaderboards statistics with prizes
➡ Local tournaments on different places/countries with prizes
➡ Local events on different places/countries

🤔 What about new exchange? 🤔
Long-story short we are stuck. We had plan to list ABET on new exchange which was supposed to be a surprise but we came into point where we are left with few options.