Announcement 2019-01-23

1⃣ First idea was to list ABET on Mercatox exchange. We asked them to research our project and send us offer. We have received an acceptable offer. Based on offer we started discussion with our team which did research and get feedback from people who had expierence with Mercatox. Opinions and experience which people had with them wasn't positive at all. So we decided to give up their offer.

But if you think differently, please share your opinion about this exchange with us on our // removed // channel

2⃣ Second idea was to list ABET on Cryptopia exchange. Not much specifics will be given here since we was waiting 2 weeks for response and before they was able to respond, they got hacked. Many of you if not all know that they are currently under maintance, they have investigantions and no one knows when they will be back. Overall we were lucky that we didn't get deal done because funds would be wasted. It will take some time before they will be able to investigate this and especially fix their image in eyes of many traders which used their exchange.

After reading point 1 &2, you should know why we feel being stuck in order to make the right decision. We have still some options, which we have under consideration and those are:
➡ CoinExchange
➡ Crex24
➡ Shardax

We know few of you will start asking why not Binance, Bittrex or IDAX but answer is obvious - it's too early and we are to small.

Please have in mind that we are always willing to listen our lovely community and any realistic // removed // are always welcome.

Stay tuned // removed // tomorrow final third part which contains informations about our 2nd platform and overall conclusion 🚀

- Altbet Team