Announcement 2019-01-26

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&lta:urgent:508281238478651403&gt Mandatory wallet update - V1.2 release &lta:urgent:508281238478651403&gt

Long-story short, recently very critical article came out which affects almost all coins which are based on Proof of Stake protocol. More details may be found under this link:

We were aware of that, that's why we immediately started to work on this priority update and secure our blockchain as soon as possible. It turned out that we were also victims of the attack but every cloud has a silver lining.

We was able to track probably all addresses and overall we locked 200+ addresses which contained 12000+ coins - we consider this as a success 🎉

As we were forced to this mandatory update, we decided that it was also an ideal moment to implement additional changes that we had already planned for some time, namely:
➡ exchange chart in qt (probably first which came out with this idea same as with add banners before)
➡ checkpoints

But mainly we had to take care of security, which without Tfinch wouldn't be that easy. Together we was able do such things as:
➡ fix and secure blockchain to prevent attack
➡ ban tracked addresses

⚠ Whole process will be quick and we will hold disabled CryptoBridge to be sure if we eliminated exploiter once for all ⚠
➡ In less than 24 hours we will cut whole 1.1 version from network

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MacOS will be released later
Ubuntu 18.04 QT
Ubuntu 16.04 QT will be released later