Announcement 2019-03-06

Scam Alert - very important!

Yesterday was quite stressful when it comes to the situation that took place on the exchange. Many of you certainly asked yourself what it was caused, so today we were informed about another theft that took place yesterday.

The user with the name winsharew has been cheated on 12,000+ ABET by a person impersonating to be me.

For some time, discord users have been exposed to the attacks of cheaters who claim to be members of our team.

I thought the implementation of the // removed // channel.

It turns out that it was not enough because imposters are DMing from different discord servers under our names and we can't do nothing about this.

We have one more idea on how to improve safety of our investors and ABET holders. In next wallet update which will have place in future we will implement warnings and maybe double verification process on using such commands as dumpwallet / dumpprivkey

Don't be stupid, think twice before you do something which you might regret later. Take care of your investment

Stay tuned // removed //

- Altbet Team