Major Announcement Part 3

Unfortunately, recently there have been many unplanned updates that caused delays in certain processes but we are slowly returning to the current works.

For those who have just come to us, here is reminder what was announced in part one and two:
Part 1 -
Part 2 -

Without further ado, let's talk about third part:

🚀 New platform powered by Altbet 🚀
We had idea for such platform way before Altbet but it was always delayed until now. Thats because, we decided to build whole ecosystem of multiple utilities around our cryptocurrency which is ABET.

That being said, we started development around 2 month ago. In that time period we spent more than 400+ hours on platform features, optimizations and improvements and I can tell you that things are starting to work flawless.

Obviously this delayed few Altbet tasks lately but I think overall its worth that delay. We believe that with our programming skills in addition with our strong community we are able to compete on many levels.

Because there is a lot of informations about our 2nd product, We decided to create dedicated channel for this with sneak peeks & descriptions. Thanks to this I we will be able to get some feedbacks and suggestions from // removed //, which will help us make this platform even better then it is right now.

Presentation channel - // removed //
Discussion channel - // removed //

🎉 Conclusion 🎉