Major Announcement - Current situation | Altbet incorporation & licensing | Big investors & partnerships

📊 Current situation 📊

In last couple of days people started to complain especially about current ABET price drop and market condition. This is creating a lot of pressure on us on work but we are most likely used to it. We are still here and will be here until we will achieve our goals.

Going forward, while everyone is mainly watching price, it seems that you guys forget that we mentioned about incoming great news in latest // removed // , without further ado let us explain a little bit more about whats coming in near future.

🏛 Altbet incorporation & licensing 🏛

While we are working on platform development and improvement we are also working on Altbet incorporation and gambling licensing with our lawyers as it was stated in our whitepaper.

We decided to share some good informations which we achieved in last two weeks.

Our lawyers was able to reach out with Curacao representative and discuss early terms to which we agree. This means that we will be having meeting related to Altbet incorporation in Curacao. Meeting will have place in late April which means 2-3 weeks from now. More specifics will be shared shortly after meeting, wish us luck.

💰 Big investors & partnerships 💰

Long-story short, we had several meetings related to investors and partnerships in last couple of weeks. We have several potential investors which are willing to invest a lot of money once we will finish our platform if it comes to functionality and once we will incorporate Altbet.

We believe there is no need to explain how important and how huge this news are which we are talking about.

Stay tuned // removed //

- Altbet Team