Mandatory wallet update - V2.0 release

The long-awaited update is here! There is no chance to describe and explain everything which was done here but long-story short its a huge achievement that we was able to do this without SWAP and for sure this is a must have for long term project. All of us with this release may expect such things:

➡ Faster & more stable wallet
➡ More secure version
➡ Less issues with basic functionality
➡ Fixed all known vulnerabilities / exploits
➡ Up to date source code

Additionally we decided to go with:

➡ Collateral increase to 5000 ABET which will be mandatory after block 242424
➡ Rewards rework which will increase after block 252501

We are aware that such sudden collateral change may cause that not everyone will be satisfied with it but in our opinion it was necessary. To compensate this situation we decided to make local instant mn sharing for our community with 0% fees. More details after tomorrow. We need to prepare ourselfs for this service.

Rewards table

⚠ Make sure to do a wallet.dat backup before update for your own safety! ⚠

⏳ Please keep in mind that the sooner we update, the sooner we return to the CryptoBridge & STEX ⏳

Ubuntu 16.04 QT

🆘 Guides 🆘
// removed // will be around to assist you in successful update

// removed // - Shell script to install a masternode on a Linux server running Ubuntu 16.04
// removed // - Resolves issues with sync / connection

Stay tuned // removed //

- Altbet Team