Announcement 2019-04-06

🙏 Apologies to all victims and communities 🙏

Past few days was very stressful for everyone, team, investors, community and other communities.

There are no words that express how sorry I'm. I know that whatever I say will not fix damage which has been done to the victims which lost enormous amounts of coins in multiple projects. From the bottom of heart I'm truly truly sorry for all losses of each of you.

I expect that moving forward with the project and cleaning up our name will not be easy path. This will be a huge challenge for me, the team and the community, but I will do my best to continue the project and prove to those who already crossed us out that I will work no matter what.

My trust has been violated, but it does not mean that I am not guilty of this whole situation. I should know better and make sure everything that is published is 100% clean. I made a huge mistake by not checking what code actually does. I'm sorry that I let you down. The only thing I can do in this situation is never to let it happen again.

I also guess that this kind of statement will not satisfy everyone but I'm also under the influence of high stress and pressure.

P.S. Thank to all of people which was and is still with us. I've received a lot of motivating DMs. I would also like to thank all of developers which was a part of this investigation.

Stay tuned // removed //

- Altbet Team