ABET officially listed on Birake exchange network

We all were fighting for this listing as a community and we won it together. We appreciate all support which was and is given to our project.

Below all URLs to exchanges in Birake exchange network
Birake -> https://trade.birake.com/market/BIRAKE.ABET_BIRAKE.BTC
Midas -> https://dex.midas.investments/market/BIRAKE.ABET_BIRAKE.BTC
Star-dex -> https://star-dex.com/market/BIRAKE.ABET_BIRAKE.BTC
Tokenhouse -> https://tokenhouse.io/market/BIRAKE.ABET_BIRAKE.BTC
Snode -> https://exchange.snode.co/market/BIRAKE.ABET_BIRAKE.BTC
Tuanexchange -> https://tuanexchange.com/market/BIRAKE.ABET_BIRAKE.BTC

Happy trading & stay tuned // removed //

- Altbet Team