Announcement 2019-05-17

🆕 Wallet update & Collateral increase 🆕

Wallets are being prepared and double checked by // removed //. Should be released by Tomorrow with all necessary details.

There was a lot of questions about collateral increase so here are details what was decided.

1⃣ At monday around 5 pm our blockchain will git 308000 block which will force network to increase collateral from 1000 ABET to 5000 ABET. Everyone will need to update their masternodes before that block otherwise your node will be kicked from network.

2⃣ After exactly 30 days from block 308000 which gives us block 351000 we will have second collateral increase from 5000 ABET to 10000 ABET. We believe 30 days should be enough to accumulate coins till then. Reminder will be announced closed to next collateral increase.

Stay tuned // removed //

- Altbet Team