Wallet update - V2.0.0.2 release

⚠ New collaterals will be possible to be set at May 20th till then everything stays as it is right now. ⚠

v2.0.0.2 is an update for collateral increase which also include several fixes & stats implementation. Please update your wallets before May 20th to be able to set masternodes on new 5k collateral.

Altbet Core version is now available from: https://github.com/altbet/abet/releases

Please report bugs using the issue tracker at github: https://github.com/altbet/abet/issues

⚠ Make sure to do a wallet.dat backup before update for your own safety! ⚠

Github source https://github.com/altbet/abet
Windows 64 https://github.com/altbet/abet/releases/download/v.
Windows 32 https://github.com/altbet/abet/releases/download/v.
MacOS https://github.com/altbet/abet/releases/download/v.
Ubuntu 16.04 QT https://github.com/altbet/abet/releases/download/v.
Ubuntu 18.04 QT https://github.com/altbet/abet/releases/download/v.
Bootstrap https://github.com/altbet/bootstraps/releases

🆘 Guides 🆘
// removed // will be around to assist you in successful update

// removed // - Shell script to update masternode on a Linux server running Ubuntu 16.04
// removed // - Shell script to install a masternode on a Linux server running Ubuntu 16.04
// removed // - Resolves issues with sync / connection
// removed // - Guide on how to use our bootstrap

Stay tuned // removed //

- Altbet Team