Announcement 2019-05-23

👷 Quick update 👷

🙏 I was supposed to do this announcement 1 or 2 days ago but there was so much going on that I just had no enough time to put it out. Sorry for that and now lets move to our quick update.

🎉 Wallet update & Collateral increase ended up to be successful. Big thanks to // removed // which help me with this.

// removed // After update several users experienced wallet crashes such like: 3033, ret errors. We are aware of those issues and // removed // is already preparing fix for this. Sorry to those which have issues, please be patient.

⛓ Yesterday there was several reports about being stuck on 310101 block. We have prepared fresh bootstrap which was synced from scratch -

// removed // updated to latest changes

💪 Almost 70% coin locked in masternodes. Great job and thank to all of you for supporting us.

More to come. We are working on big news for Altbet platfrom and whole project.

Stay tuned // removed //

- Altbet Team