Quick update - thoughts, reminder, plans

👀 I have noticed that the eSport betting topic appears frequently in past days or weeks. I came into conclusion that we have many new people in our community which are a) investors b) observators c) players.

&lta:think:561001441691566090&gt So looks like most of new users don't know that we actually had working eSport betting few months ago. It was tooked down because back then there was not that many people using it and it was generating a lot of additional costs mainly for API which we was using.

🎯 Currently our main priority is to release Poker, Blackjack and Lotto. In meantime we will be working on a eSport betting redesign & backend rework.

👷 Altnode and refferal / affilate system for both platforms is also on our TODO list.

⏰ All those things takes a lot of time so all I can ask for is to be patient.

💪 If you truly believe in us and our platform than all I can say is keep calm and accumulate

Stay tuned // removed // and happy Saturday, spend it with friends and family.

- Altbet Team