Announcement 2019-06-14

🚀 Quick update 🚀

It was long since my last announcement so I will go straight to the point. If there are no announcements, it doesn't mean that we don't work, I would say that even the opposite - we work more. Many works are done in the background.

Altbet wallets
1⃣ Tfinch with The Botfather was able to fix issues with sync or being stuck on specifics blocks.
2⃣ Tfinch is currently working on a AuthHelper implementation into our wallet to increase safety in case of dumping privkeys & wallets.
3⃣ Next wallet update will also include some minor fixes for blockchain stability and safety.
4⃣ According to a Collateral increase. We are still considering if we will do it before or after wallet update.
3⃣ & 4⃣ More specifics in separate ann.

Altbet platform
1⃣ Poker is still main priority. Its taking a little bit more time than we expected because of several unscheduled tasks. Still will do my best to deliver beta version
this month.
2⃣ Games such as Lotto and Blackjack will be continued after Poker successful release.
3⃣ Between Poker and other games we will be implementing our Affiliate program which is necessary for marketing and platform exposure.
4⃣ Redesign with some minor changes is on the way.
5⃣ Whitelabeled version in progress

Altnode platform
1⃣ Not gonna lie. I'm currently the only developer which is taking care of all web stuff. Altbet platform is main priority and because of that Altnode will be delayed until priority stuff will be finished.

1⃣ Our marketers are constantly working on a social media exposure. Bigger campaign will be launched after I will finish stuff mentioned above in Altbet platform.

1⃣ Will put more effort into finding new web developers which will help me with work. 1 or 2 good devs would be a great boost into progress.

Stay tuned // removed //

- Altbet Team