Platform, wallet update & collateral increase

I promised to make an announcement about whats coming and when, below all details.

Altbet wallet update
1⃣ In few days we will release new wallets which will include:
- minStake increase from 15 ABET to 30 ABET
- AuthHelper (great safety feature for non-tech investors which usualy fall into phishing scams - screen below)
- patch to fix sync / stuck issues

Collateral increase delay
1⃣ Collateral increase will be delayed and will be done 2 weeks after upcoming wallet update.

Altbet Platform
1⃣ We've increased all the limits on our platform. Current limits are 10x higher than before. Happy gaming!
2⃣ Poker is nearly finished to be released for beta. We made huge progress in the past couple of days.

Stay tuned // removed //

- Altbet Team